Malvern Plaza

Malvern Plaza is located at the corner of E. Malvern Street and E. Arroyo Chico, in the Broadmoor-Broadway Village Neighborhood. This little pocket park was built in 2008, thanks to the vision, perseverance, talent, and fund-raising efforts of many BBVN neighbors. The City of Tucson and the University of Arizona, as well as local non-profit organizations, also played important collaborative roles in the creation of this park.

Utilizing water harvesting techniques and donated native shade trees, Malvern Plaza has become a well-used community gathering place. Three beautifully tiled picnic tables and an unique Little Free Library, all designed, created, and maintained by neighbors, round out this comfortable public space. The plaza is a favorite site for neighborhood events, such as craft fairs, swap meets, citrus give-away's, plant and seed exchanges, children's play dates, outdoor movies, and neighborhood potlucks. Most events are detailed in the BBVNA website calendar and promoted on our Nextdoor social media site and listserv.

To help ensure that the plaza will remain a neighborhood "gem" for many years to come, the Malvern Plaza standing committee was formed. The role of the Malvern Plaza committee is as follows: (a) support and facilitate neighborhood-sponsored events and activities that use the plaza; (b) monitor the status of the plaza infrastructure, and make recommendations to the Board for maintenance and/or improvements; and (c) collaborate with the Urban Forestry and Wildlife Committee on the maintenance of vegetation in the plaza.

If you have questions or comments about the plaza, or would like to join the committee, participate in or facilitate an activity, please contact Justine Hernandez, Malvern Plaza committee chair, at We'd love to hear from you!

Malvern Plaza

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