Little Free Library

Broadmoor-Broadway Village Neighborhood's Little Free Library can be found in the Malvern Plaza at the corner of E. Malvern and E. Arroyo Chico streets. It is one of more than 20,000 little free libraries doting communities worldwide, including more than a dozen here in the Tucson area. The concept is simple. Take a book. Leave a book. 

The idea for a little free library in BBVN began percolating in the minds of two neighbors more than a year before its creation. During their daily morning walks together, conversation increasingly turned to the idea of building a weatherized book box and placing it somewhere in the neighborhood for all to use. Eventually, these neighbors visited another Tucson Little Free Library and spoke at length with its builder and sponsor. With their enthusiasm heightened, they began the search for just the right "box" at second hand shops. The perfect selection fell into their laps when BBVN neighbors remodeling their kitchen, put their old cabinets out at the curb -- free to anyone who could use them. Once the cabinet was secured, an email was sent out to the neighborhood requesting help turning this kitchen cabinet into a sturdy weatherized beautiful little free library. Offers of help from talented neighbors were immediate, and the excitement for such a project grew in the neighborhood. Over the course of several months, this cabinet turned Little Free Library was "touched" by many BBVN neighbors who lovingly created the book box that was planted in Malvern Plaza on September 21, 2014. Our volunteer library “steward” visits the library daily to attend to its ongoing needs and monitor the current book selection.

All are welcome to visit -- and use -- this unique Little Free Library, containing three shelves of books and an attic space that houses games, and chalk for public poetry writings. Take time to enjoy the desert theme artwork displayed on its wooden sides, designed and painted by neighbor and professional artist, Judy Nostrant.

The library respects the values of this neighborhood, from a love of literature to the embrace of local wildlife and a mission to reuse and recycle.  It gives neighbors a location for people to gather around books. Take a book. Leave a book. And appreciate the sense of community that helped create this neighborhood "gem."

BBVN neighbors involved in the build and upkeep of the LFL:  Janice Welchert (co-organizer & current steward), Joan Thomas (co-organizer), Ryan Brown (primary builder), Judy Nostrant (artist), Justine Hernandez, Ginny Kovatch, Ron Kovatch, Richard Roati, Mike Weingarten, Elizabeth Salper, Judd Ruggill, Kristen Brown, Debbie Weingarten (steward from 9/14 till 10/15), Yvette and David Gross (donated the cabinet), Dale Segona and Suzie Husband (back-up stewards), and the many, many other neighbors who have donated books and kindly watched over our LFL.

Little Free Library

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