Metal Flower Art Memorial

The Metal Flower Art Memorial can be found at the northeast entrance to our neighborhood, just south of Broadway Village, near the intersection of Manchester and Eastbourne. The impetus for this project was the loss of a well beloved neighbor, Linda Abrams, but the memorial is meant to honor the memories of all past Broadmoor Broadway Village neighborhood residents. 

The memorial was donated to the BBVN neighborhood by Linda Abrams’ family and friends, and many neighbors participated in its installation. An official dedication ceremony was held on Sunday, April 30, 2017.

The memorial is a beautiful work of art, consisting of five metal flowers with accompanying stained glass - and a metal lectern. The metal flowers were designed by Linda's sister, Ellen Abrams, and crafted by Tucson artist Dante Fraboni. It graces an area of the street median that has sat barren ever since the neighborhood was built, and now provides neighbors with a place of remembrance and reflection.

Movie/slide show of the dedication:

BBVN neighbors involved in the coordination and installation: Richard Roati (lead), Ralph Pattison, Judd Ruggill, Frank Sagona, and Mike Weingarten. Many other neighbors provided support, set-up, and food for the dedication.

Memorial Artwork

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