Poetry Mailbox

Where is the Poetry Mailbox located? The Poetry Mailbox, with its sentinel poetry rooster, can be found on the Treat Walkway between Arroyo Chico and Croyden Streets.

How did it come to be? In early 2017, led by poet and BBVN resident, Elizabeth Salper, eight Broadmoor-Broadway neighbors came together to create the first Poetry Mailbox in Tucson, tipping their proverbial hats to folks in Portland, Oregon, who helped start the “Poetry Box” craze. On April 2nd, the “Poetry Crew” planted the Poetry Mailbox on the Treat Walkway. And, on April 15th, during National Poetry Month, a formal Poetry Mailbox Dedication was held, attended by many BBVN residents as well as poetry lovers from around Tucson. Poets, young and old, including TC Tolbert, (current Poet Laureate of Tucson) read their own poems and celebrated this contribution to poetry in public spaces. Four year old neighbor, Ibis, ended the ceremony with a reading of her original poem.

So, how does the Poetry Mailbox work? It’s simple. Take or leave a poem. And yes, you can take and keep your poem! You can also take a moment to sit on the bench and scribe your own poem, as a pen and notebook are housed in the box. If the mailbox is running low on poems, signal the neighborhood poetry pollinators by raising the mailbox flag!

Follow the link below to hear an interview with Elizabeth Salper by Pedaling the Pueblo on KXCI in which she discusses the BBVN Poetry Mailbox.


BBVN neighbors involved in the creation and installation of the Poetry Mailbox: Elizabeth Salper (lead), Ginny Kovatch, Heather Free (artist), Ryan Brown, Richard Roati, Cynthia Holmes, Joan Thomas, Mike Weingarten. Many other neighbors provided support, food, and set-up for the dedication and continue to add poems to the mailbox.