Winsett Street Clean and Pruning Weekend

Coordinated by BBVN's Urban Forestry Committee and leaders from the Arroyo Chico neighborhood, members of both neighborhoods came together in March, 2017 to do significant maintenance on the plant growth along Winsett Street (the boundary between the two neighborhoods). The group worked to remove invasive buffelgrass and prune back vegetation along this street, got great results, and demonstrated an excellent collaborative partnership in the process.

This was just one of many landscaping outings organized by our Urban Forestry Committee. Volunteering with the Urban Foresters provides a wonderful opportunity to learn more about native desert plants, invasive species, and general landscaping techniques. It also provides a way for neighbors to join in on a true community commitment to take care of our neighborhood green space.

Organized by Richard Roati.

Winsett Street Clean

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