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New to the Neighborhood?

The Welcoming Committee is comprised of long-time residents as well as relative newcomers to the neighborhood. Our focus is to identify, meet, and greet new neighbors, offering them information, contacts, and friendship as they settle into their homes here in Broadmoor-Broadway Village Neighborhood (BBVN). The committee has created a welcome packet to help orient newcomers to the BBVN and to the greater Tucson area. If you are new to the neighborhood, or know of someone who has recently moved here, please contact us at:


We look forward to meeting you and sharing information about our beautiful neighborhood!

Public Utilities
Public trash and recycling pick-up for our neighborhood occurs on Fridays. For more information on city environmental services and utilities, visit the City of Tucson's Public and Private Utilities information page.

Brush and Bulky 
City pick up of brush and bulky items occurs two times yearly (usually around February and August). See the City of Tucson's Brush and Bulky information page for more details and exact dates.

Urban Wildlife
Pet owners and parents should be aware that coyotes and javelina are frequent visitors to our neighborhood and should be regarded as wild animals. The BBVNA Living with Urban Wildlife page offers excellent guidelines from the Arizona Game and Fish Department.

Sunshine Mile
To support our local restaurants and shops, explore the historic Sunshine Mile on Broadway Boulevard, which borders our neighborhood.

Things to do in Tucson
For information on events and things to do in the Tucson area, check out Visit Tucson.
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