BBVNA Committees

Committees are formed by neighbors with community interests
and are open to all!

Welcoming (looking for new folks)

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The Welcoming Committee is comprised of long-time residents as well as relative newcomers to the neighborhood. Our focus is to identify, meet, and greet new neighbors, offering them information, contacts, and friendship as they settle into their homes here in Broadmoor-Broadway Village Neighborhood (BBVN). 


Events (Janice Welchert)

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The role of the Events committee is as follows: (a) support and facilitate neighborhood-sponsored events and activities; (b) monitor the status of Malvern Plaza infrastructure, and make recommendations to the Board for maintenance and/or improvements; and (c) collaborate with the Urban Forestry Committee on the maintenance of vegetation in Malvern Plaza


Urban Forestry (Richard Roati)

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The BBVNA Urban Forestry Committee studies and reports on matters concerning neighborhood plants, animals, open space and natural waterways. The committee 1) promotes the development of an environment attractive to birds and other desirable native animals, 2) fosters the cultivation of aesthetically pleasing plants with particular emphasis on non-health threatening and drought resistant species, and 3) monitors city programs and procedures which impact flood control in the neighborhood. 

Historic Designation (Mike Weingarten)

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The Historic Designation Committee started in the early 2000's to gain support, raise funds, and petition for historic designation for our post-WWII subdivision.  Success came on February 18, 2021, when the Broadmoor Historic District was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in Washington, D.C.  Today, this committee focuses on supporting the neighborhood with information on how to maintain our historic status, and, for eligible contributing property owners, how to apply for historic tax classification for their property.  

Emergency Preparedness (newly formed)

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The Emergency Preparedness Committee serves to promote awareness and build networks to increase neighborhood resiliency for heat, fire, water, and air-related emergencies.

Neighborhood Planning (Barbara Becker)

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The Neighborhood Planning Committee tracks, participates, and communicates public improvement projects that impact our neighborhood. 

Military Community Relations

Dick Basye

Broadmoor-Broadway Village lies in the flightpath for Davis-Monthan Air Force Base, and remains a stakeholder in environmental impact of the base on the neighborhood in such issues as noise levels, impact of F-35 programs, and safety. 

Wildlife Habitat (inactive)

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Sunshine Mile Design Review (Eric Plemons)

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Sunshine Mile is an ad hoc committee to organize BBVN strategy and efforts relative to the mid-century district of Sunshine Mile (development/planning effort along Broadway).