Wildlife Habitat: Looking for a new Chairperson

What we do

The Wildlife Habitat committee encourages, supports, and helps residents to create important wildlife habitats in their own back yards. Join us!

Our mission is:

  • To explore the different forms of wildlife in our yards, and become aware of their habitats

  • To become stewards of our yards' wildlife, by protecting and improving their habitats

  • To practice and promote the responsible use of resources: water and local vegetation

  • To inform, educate and enlist neighbors to participate in this effort.

Things You Can Do on Your Property

  • Build soils by composting and use wood chips, and pecan shells for ground covers. They protect and feed different species of earth worms, and help neighboring plants to grow.

  • Ground covers have a cooling effect, compared to gravel, cut air conditioning bills and save watering.

Some Great Wildlife Habitat Resources

Here is a list of local organizations and businesses, which are contributing to the creation of a healthy environment for wildlife:

In 1987, Connie Anzalone, then President of the BBVNA and a docent at the Arizona Desert Museum, collaborated with The Nature Conservancy, Tucson Audubon Society, the Sonora Desert Museum, Sonoran Arthropod Studies, and Arizona Game & Fish, to produce a timeless resource in urban wildlife. This wonderful document outlines ways to provide food, water, shelter and safety for birds, butterflies, tortoises, frogs, toads, lizards and other animals by creating habitats for our neighborhood.