Donate to Neighborhood Efforts

Your annual donation keeps you in touch with the neighborhood and supports expenses related to neighborhood communication, events, and beautification (equipment rental).

Your donation funds the printing of newsletters and flyers, cost of web hosting and zoom, and covers supplies needed for events. Some examples include: purchase of supplies for the kids Halloween party, supplies/food/drink for other Malvern Plaza events, rental of a lawn mower for the Urban Forestry committee maintenance of the medians along Arroyo Chico, paint for murals / clean up of graffiti, occasionally purchase food/drink for neighborhood functions (e.g. July 4th party, Welcome Committee brunch, etc.).

All activities are 100% volunteer.

Annual dues for the Broadmoor-Broadway Village Neighborhood Association are:

  • $20 per household

  • $30 per merchant

Dues are applied to the calendar year in which they are paid. If you pay electronically, we would welcome recurring annual payments.

Payment of dues is voluntary, and we greatly appreciate your support.

Electronic Billing

Mail a Check

Treasurer, BBVNA
c/o Lee Ann Pope
409 S Stratford Dr.
Tucson, AZ 85716

We welcome donations for special projects or any additional generous support: