Sunshine Mile District


  • 07.07.21 Tucson Mayor and Council approve the Sunshine Mile Overlay Plan with amendment to remove height incentives and limit building height in the midcentury subdistrict to 4 stories (54').

  • 06.14.21 BBVNA Committee report to BBVNA Board, and vote to send letter of opposition to current Sunshine Mile Overlay Plan based on the proposed 78' maximum height with incentives. Letter supported and signed by Sam Hughes Neighborhood Association and sent to Mayor & Council.

  • 06.17.21 SMUOD updated plan shared by Rio Nuevo. Summary and BBVNA Sunshine Mile Committee report.

  • 05.26.18 BBVNA Sunshine Mile Committee information session for neighborhood. Recording of the meeting.

  • 05.18.21 Mayor & Council Study Session: Rio Nuevo presented an update on the Sunshine Mile to Mayor and Council. It was informational only, not a vote. You can watch the discussion here. The Sunshine Mile content begins at the 2:39 mark

Sunshine Mile Overlay District Website (Rio Nuevo)

Feb. 2021 Sunshine Mile Overlay District Document (pp. 81-88 for Mid-Century Modern Sub-District)

June 2021 proposed Sunshine Mile Overlay documents sent to Mayor & Council (letter, plan, summary community conversations)

December 2020 Sunshine Mile Overlay Proposal

2019 Rio Nuevo proposal for Mid-Century Max Height

Sunshine Mile District (SMD) Design Review Committee Responsibilities

  • Communicate details of the SMD Urban Overlay ordinance to BBVN residents; collect questions, concerns, and suggestions for changes to the ordinance, focusing in particular on property owners within 150' (affected properties) and 400' (individually notified by the city.)

  • Interface with the Rio Nuevo design team to present concerns and suggestions collected from BBVN residents. Advocate for a revision of the ordinance that is more acceptable to affected BBVN property owners.

  • Once an SMD ordinance is adopted by Mayor and Council, identify ad hoc Design Review Board member candidates for consideration by the BBVNA Board if/when proposed developments adjacent to BBVN call for a formal design review.*

*See pp. 11-18 (II-2 to II-9) of the SMUOD doc dated 2/3/21 for a detailed description of the design review process and the composition of the associated design review boards, pp.14-15.