Sunshine Mile District


  • 07.07.21 Tucson Mayor and Council approve the Sunshine Mile Overlay Plan with amendment to remove height incentives and limit building height in the midcentury subdistrict to 4 stories (54').

Sunshine Mile Overlay District Website (Rio Nuevo)

Feb. 2021 Sunshine Mile Overlay District Document (pp. 81-88 for Mid-Century Modern Sub-District)

June 2021 proposed Sunshine Mile Overlay documents sent to Mayor & Council (letter, plan, summary community conversations)

December 2020 Sunshine Mile Overlay Proposal

2019 Rio Nuevo proposal for Mid-Century Max Height

Sunshine Mile District (SMD) Design Review Committee Responsibilities

  • Communicate details of the SMD Urban Overlay ordinance to BBVN residents; collect questions, concerns, and suggestions for changes to the ordinance, focusing in particular on property owners within 150' (affected properties) and 400' (individually notified by the city.)

  • Interface with the Rio Nuevo design team to present concerns and suggestions collected from BBVN residents. Advocate for a revision of the ordinance that is more acceptable to affected BBVN property owners.

  • Once an SMD ordinance is adopted by Mayor and Council, identify ad hoc Design Review Board member candidates for consideration by the BBVNA Board if/when proposed developments adjacent to BBVN call for a formal design review.*

*See pp. 11-18 (II-2 to II-9) of the SMUOD doc dated 2/3/21 for a detailed description of the design review process and the composition of the associated design review boards, pp.14-15.